Perfect Half Chapter 158

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dovakhiin 19:01 - 01/30/2018
emosub please!!
DeFA Psycho 18:00 - 02/04/2018
When next update? or english sub for 51,53,54??? I am very eager look forward to read them
anwar fuad 19:26 - 02/07/2018
is there a way to download this manga i can't find any pls if you know show me emo
sebastian kevin 12:40 - 02/22/2018
Leo Aug 00:31 - 02/28/2018
emoHey buddy be carefull with words, these people are translating a ginourmous amount of comics for free for us. Be patient or be my guest and translate them yourself.
Paris Samn 21:45 - 04/14/2018
Damn.. one of the best I have ever read! Wish could haver more often chapters. Translators thank you for this Gem!!!!
Betalos Testering 23:54 - 05/01/2018
Will we be able to get the latest episodes translated soon please ? emo
giorgos christopoylos 03:09 - 05/11/2018
how long will it take to translate?????
Kree Pick 14:27 - 05/13/2018
( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)
Sanjeev Thapa 13:16 - 07/17/2018
when will the next update coming..emo